Final Project: Webcomic – Diana Huang

For my final project, I’m planning to do a webcomic. I brought up this idea in my last post, but here I’ll elaborate on it a little further.

I will post 7 days of a webcomic over the course of a week (one per day). The webcomic is tentatively titled “The Adventure of Pandaman” and follows the story of a panda who is human on the inside and participates in a human world. The first strip will be the birth of pandaman, where pandaman discovers that he is not like his friends who are only interested in bamboo. It will be structured similarly to the first page of Dresden Codak’s Hob storyline.  The rest of the comic will follow the panda through his normal life, which includes school, chores, and work. The style will be very comical with bright colors. I will attempt to convey the story through mostly facial expressions with little text if possible. The panda cannot actually speak (though he can think) so he will use thought bubbles.

The layout techniques in my webcomic will be inspired mostly by Dresden Codak. The comics will be outlined in ink on paper and then colored in with Adobe Photoshop. I will develop the webcomic on a new webpage (linked to on my class webpage) so I can develop some other aspects of a successful webcomic. I will definitely have a blog section of the page so I can interact with the readers, and possibly also a fake merchandise section where t-shirts and other goods related to the webcomic can be “sold”. The development of other aspects of the website will depend on the time I can dedicate to it, but the blog section and daily webcomic will be the main aspects of my project.

Through the webcomic, I will try to engage the audience both by entertaining them through the comic and giving them other things to think about with the blog posts, letting my personality show through to create a bond with the audience. For me, this project will technically involve lots of study of Adobe Photoshop which I have not used before this class. I’m not a great artist so I will use the painting techniques in Photoshop to help me bring the comic to life.

– Diana Huang


~ by Diana Huang on April 4, 2011.

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