Final Project Proposal

by Mike Lew

So, as I said before, my final project will be an interactive story akin to Inanimate Alice.  Like Alice, the story will involve many experiences I had while growing up.  There will be a story for each year I was in high school, and more if I have the time.  The stories’ interactivity will be similar to Alice as well in that there is only one possible path through the story since you are reliving things that happened to me, but there will be times when you have to click stuff.  The way I propose the user should navigate my stories is overhead UI of Super Mario from SNES.  Each level will be a level in world 1 of the game (so level 1 is World 1-1) , and after each level the user progresses on a world map to the next location up to a boss level (castle).  For each individual story, there is a series of images in gallery format where the user will click to read the next slide.  All of the images will be drawn using my laptop touchpad so that they look cartoony and childish.  It is also an effective measure to hide the pathetic-ness of my actual drawing skills.  At some points during the stories, the user will be confronted with options (such as things that I’m thinking I should do), but all options will display an ‘X’ except for the one I actually chose.

Linked below is a gallery of pictures I will use for the opening story and World 1-1.  The final game will use html 5 to navigate the website.  The Canvas option in html 5 allows me to display picture and receive user input such as mouse clicks and the like.  If I have time, I can even make the boss battle an actual game.  This makes sense doing as opposed to flash because I am only using images and not videos.  Because I can dynamically load images as the canvas is running, the site will not force the player to wait and download the entire package before playing the story.

PS – these stories are true, and not really all that exaggerated:

PPS – if you have trouble viewing the site correctly then refresh (or switch to a browser that supports html5 and js).  I will switch hosts soon so that the image loading doesn’t mess up so often.


~ by MikeL on April 3, 2011.

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