Final Project Proposal

I propose to do a game. The player will be lead along by instructions (in-game tutorial style) telling them to do various things. As the game unfolds, however, the player may come to question their guide (along with their own sanity) and the suggested actions being given. Should the player follow the guidance completely, the result will be an unhappy one. Only by going against what they are being told will they meet with a satisfactory ending.

Depending on circumstances and my ability to gather/assemble assets for the game, the medium will be (in order of preference) first person 3D, 2D Flash, or branching html.

—————— Update —————–

Technically: I will be using CopperCube to create an interactive, first-person 3D game narrative.

Structurally: Using shades of The Virtual Disappearance of Miriam and Nightingale’s Playground (with a dash of Donnie Darko), this piece will play upon the user’s general trust of the game scenario/reality with which they are presented as well as any provided guidance within. I will use this to parallel the way in which people take for granted their own sense of reality and internal ideas of what they should do in response to that reality. The game will push players as their reality becomes gradually more distorted and their conscience prodded, challenging their acceptance of their reality more and more until they are presented with a final, climactic decision. It will only be by turning against perceived reality that players will be able to experience the true reality.

As with the above referenced pieces, the mood will be an unsettling one, with different elements conspiring to affect the player on different levels.

-Dave Turka


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