Final Project Idea

by Mike Lew


For my final project, I’d like to make a website similar to inanimate alice.  I’ve been recently learning html 5 so I think I’d be able to do something with the same feel as alice but without using flash.  Actually, I was considering writing a story using the game niche like alice, but instead of having brad, I would use a super mario-like world screen where the user has to “play” through each level while moving around on the world map until they get to the castle.

I haven’t decided which life experience that I’ll be drawing from for the story of the site, but I think it will be a bunch of random stories from high school that tie into some sort of life lesson I’ve learned.

The individual levels will be either text + picture, audio + picture, or videos.


~ by MikeL on March 29, 2011.

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