Dresden Codak Hob #24

This page of the Dresden Codak Hob story arc uses several interesting techniques to guide the reader’s eye through the page.

In the very upper right corner, we see a large, mechanized Kim in a lovely light blue dress. This will be the key image that dictates the reading of the rest of the page; we know this for a few reasons. 1. It is the first image we see. 2. Kim’ blue kimono-thingy is the brightest object on this page, which makes it stand out even ass it moves within between panels.

The panels themselves are lightly organized. The first stretches the width of the page, and Kim appears in it multiple times. Multiple Kims, and her apparently huge size, gives the reader the sensation that Kim has some pretty cool powers, or at least is not much bound by physics.  Within this panel, there are many images that are not realistically spatially organized; combine this fact with the unoriented speech bubbles and the reader is given the sense of a montage with a voice over, which seems very intentional.

While the rest of the page has panels that are more or less conventional (they exist, but aren’t rectangular or regularized) Kim continues to break through the panel borders, which contintues to show Kim as something above or outside of this page.

Lastly, in terms of emotional content, the final image of Kim as small and frightened is a drastic departure from her percieved power in the rest of the page. A change this intense provides the reader with a sense of trepidation or unease. What is scaring her? What could possibly make her, so big and powerful, seem so small?

Very intensely thought out art here. Cheers.



~ by Brendan Sullivan on March 29, 2011.

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