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I think I have some ambitious intentions with my final project.  I want to create a story like My Body where there are a bunch of directions you can go to tell one story.  The form of my final project would be a website.

I’d actually like to use a few techniques, both from the literature we’ve enjoyed to the media we’ve explored.  I don’t want to do anything huge, but I’d love to do bits and pieces of everything.  For example, I’d like to do something about text rearrangement, or stories within text.  I’d also like to have two stories running simultaneously.

I really enjoy writing my own creative fiction, so I’d like to be able to make an original story.  Again, all the techniques would come from what we read in class.

I would have to draw a map, I think, if the directions you could take on the website.  Not for the viewer, but for myself so I could keep it organized. I imagine each page to have some sort of media on it, whether it’s photography, video, sound, etc.  Maybe some of the “text only” ones could have hidden messages in the code.  Maybe they all could have hidden messages in the code–hints for the viewer that wants to see below the surface.  For the links, I would use traditional and imagemaps.  I think I would want a beginning and an end, but the way the user got to the end would be up to them.  Perhaps I would have pages you could only get from certain pages.  I think unlike My Body, there would be lots of directions but I want the story progression to be like Only Revolutions, in the sense that it’s two stories entwined.  Perhaps Only Revolutions biggest draw is the “flipping” technique that is really only achieved via print.  Since it is difficult to imitate this, and I was more drawn on the two stories and how they wove into each other, I’d rather focus on that.

I’m not sure yet how I’d like to add the serial fiction and interactive fiction, but perhaps I will just draw on a few techniques the authors used.  I think I would like to use the comic style to tell my story as well, and that could be fun.  I am up for suggestions.

– Aly Ferguson


First, I would like to have actual stories but different ways of getting there, similar to Galatea.  Rather than having the viewer input commands though, the story will be operated by links.  There will be many different ways to navigate the story.

Overall though, there will be two stories that are essentially parallel, and you will be able to access the other story or move on to continue the current story.  I will probably add some hints.  You could read the two stories seperately, or let them weave together.  This is characteristic of Only Revolutions.

The actual project will reflect My Body with its primary medium being a website with hyperlinks.  Like My Body, there will be images and sound accompanying the text–but I am taking it a step further and incorporating the many other media.

I really loved the idea of code inside the code, sort of like Change the Code, Save the Text–especially because I used to really love coding and web designing.  But a little bit more creative than what they did, taking it a step further.  Because my story will be fiction, perhaps if you read the source, you will get additional narration.

Comics will also be included.  I want to include more than just a female narrating a story to incorporate Inanimate Alice, but I’m not sure yet.  Perhaps one of the pages (or a parallel set) will be a WordPress page so that readers can leave comments and interact with each other like in Makers.  This is also a great way of switching between the characters.

I’m also going to experiment with text itself like Girl’s Day Out.  Text rearrangement for hidden words within the text.  This can be done easily by “bolding” or!! I just thought of an idea: black text on black background, with only a few white words.  It’s reverse… if you highlight all the text you get the full message.

No idea how I’m going to add podcasts and video, yet.  Maybe there will be audio diaries like a podcast as some of the segments.  For video, there will be montages of things related to the story.

2-3 sentence description: The final project will tell two stories that wind throughout each other (like Only Revolutions), that also have different possibilities (like Galatea).  I want to basically do a montage of styles, both technical and conceptual of at least one of the pieces we examined every week.  I want it to overall, look like My Body with different links for options but include coding, video, music, graphic design, etc.


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