Final Thoughts

With the end of the semester coming faster now than ever, whats better to think about than a final project in one of these new forms of media: podcasts, videos, websites, interactive fiction, and tons of other awesome new media techniques.  After reading through some of the blog posts that have already been posted for this weeks topic, Yu-lan had an idea that interested me a lot.  She mentioned filming a video that sort of goes along with the podcast that we made.  In my opinion, this is a great idea and I believe that I could really achieve something great.  Other than the podcast in video form idea, I believe that making another podcast would be worth my while.

With video making being our most recent ambition in Narrative and Technology, what could be better than to better my directing and editing skills through a podcast–video response.  I would use many different forms of media within my video such as photoshop, premiere, garageband, and possibly even some animation.  I had such a great time with the response video that we made to Only Revolutions, so what could be better than to jump right into another?  Making another podcast is also something that interests me very much as well.

All of the feedback that we got in class during our podcast review got me really interested as well.  I had never imagined to get so many awesome critiques and praises in response to my podcast.  The podcast is a form of media that interests me a lot in away that is indescribable.  Something about my mind taking a hold of the podcast and running free with imagination–it allows me to paint a canvas in my head to go along with the media.  It works in a similar fashion to just reading plain old,  traditional text in the sense that, the reader, paints the picture to what they hear/read.  Imagination is a huge form of media; I mean, where would we be without it?

Billy Ricketts


~ by billyricketts on March 28, 2011.

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