final project

I enjoyed reading the digital fiction, Inanimated Alice, in which I reflected upon the story though a podcast.
For my final project, I think I could use other forms of media to go along with the podcast.
– Via video: The story could be read on the website, and I already made it to be heard when I created the podcast. So, I want to create a video to reflect on the story, using the story I told in the podcast
Technical : I will use Photoshop to edit pictures from internet and screenshot. Then, put them together in the Adobe Premiere to create a video.
rhetorical: Just like what we saw in Inanimated Alice, the writer use personal story( and sometimes, with a game) to interact with readers. In the video I will create for final project, I will use my personal story, related to Inanimated Alice, letting people know what I overcame in the past (script in the podcast), and throughout this course (expanding the content in the podcast).



~ by tsaijojo on March 28, 2011.

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