Final Project Proposal


For this final project, I would like to write a fan fiction piece that continues the story of Inanimate Alice. Despite experimenting with different forms of digital media this semester, I am still most comfortable with writing as a means of expression (as I come from a writing background). I believe that writing a fan fiction will produce the most effective critical response because I won’t get tangled up in problems with the Adobe software such as sound and video editing. I certainly recognize that one aspect of this class is to make us more familiar with these products and means of production, but the other important aspect is introducing us to different forms of digital media, especially digital narratives.

In my Alice fan fiction, I will continue her story into adulthood. Along the way, she will meet and interact with other characters from, for example, Makers, Only Revolutions, and Galatea. Based on Alice’s curiosity and sense of adventure, she is a natural choice as a main character to explore the other digital narrative worlds and through which I can respond to them critically.

Within this fan fiction, I want to experiment some more with Illustrator or perhaps Flash and create small comics to intersperse throughout the story. These pictures will be created in a similar fashion as the ones as the beginning of each Makers chapter.


Well, my final project is certainly going to be more simple than some of the others that my more advanced classmates will be working on in the upcoming weeks. (That is, technically speaking.) I will write an extensive fan fiction continuing the story of Inanimate Alice as she interacts with characters from the other digital narratives, such as Makers and Only Revolutions. I plan to have Alice arrive in Pittsburgh by the end of the story where she then will interact with a fictionalized version of myself. Through this narrative/rhetorical structure, the fan fiction not only serves as a critical response to the different works we’ve encountered this semester, but also as a rumination on my own progress in this course.

The bulk of the text will be created in a simple word processing or text edit document and then stylized using Adobe Dreamweaver. Its presentation on my website is as much a part of my final project because I entered this class as a complete beginner. As part of my final project, I want to create a visually aesthetic page on my website, not just the bare bones. I want to create the image of book pages on which there will be both text and simple flash animations interspersed as chapter dividers.

— Jen Hirsch


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