Final Project

For my final project I think I will create a fan fiction response to Inanimate Alice. In the aspects of using media, my favorite project has been doing podcasts so I will definitely incorporate a new one in my final project somehow. Over the past two weeks, I have really enjoyed the webcomics. I never knew there was such an array of them out there, so I would like to create my own webcomic based on Alice.

Ultimately, I would like to create a comic telling my fan fiction story of Alice. It would start off with one panel (or a few) and at the end have a clickable area that will take the audience to a podcast or some other new form of media.

I am not good at drawing to say the least so it will be very interesting to see what I come up with for my comic.


Based on my original thoughts on my final project, I have changed a few aspects of it. For this I still plan on using my original idea of a webcomic as a sort of fan fiction piece to Inanimate Alice. I plan on drawing, even though I am not a good artist, a couple panels telling a story of Alice and her relationship with Brad. I will have the webcomic correspond to a podcast that I will create especially for my final project.

As for the media types I will use, I plan on editing my webcomic in photoshop, using soundbooth to create my podcast, and time permitting, flash to put the whole project together. (If I cannot use flash, premiere will suffice.)

I hope to learn the ways of flash a little more and set these multiple panels of my webcomic in a way that it will be like turning the pages of a comic book. If I cannot figure that out then I will use premiere and set the panels in a slideshow fashion. The podcast will be the soundtrack to the webcomic and will read aloud the text in the bubbles and also have sound effects accordingly.

-marissa casagrande


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