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For me, it is very hard to design creative material about subjects that I am not specifically interested in. Therefore for my final project I decided to write a fanfiction about a book series that i have been following for the past  7 years or so. It is called the Wheel of Time and work is currently being done on completing the 13th and final book in the series. Each book averages over 700 pages, so i have a lot of places I can branch material off of. The concept of the story is summarized in the first page of every novel in this form:

“The Wheel of Time turns, and Ages come to pass, leaving memories that become legend. Legend fades to myth, and even myth is long forgotten when the Age that gave it birth comes again. In one Age, called the Third Age by some, an Age yet to come, an Age long past”

I plan on generating a story from the time refereed to as the Age of Legends. this is hundreds, if not thousands, of years prior to the main story line and where a lot of information is implied about but never explained. Some of the characters in the plot are reborn form the age of legends, but their back stories are only hinted at. I plan on making a story for one of those characters.

*** I plan on doing my final project based off the legends of Manetheren. The time surrounding the founding and fall of Manetheren are only hinted at so it gives me a lot of room to expand. it also is during a time where the “magic” users are much less prevalent than the main story, so i can leave a lot of the terminology out of the story. There is a bit of source material in the books and some more on the wiki links for ideas, names, and other information that will help me tie into the fluff already created. While this may seem a far removed fan fiction from the main plot, this series continues a habit of the past influencing the plot line in profound ways. The town where 5 of the protagonists are born is very close to where Manetheren was founded and legends about the place have already helped shape the main plot. I plan to try to use this system to my advantage by drawing connection to the main plot line.

I also have some 3d Digital art skills that i plan to put to work. Depending on the time i have, i will add art work to the main locations in the story. Since each of these scenes can take 10+ hours to compose(lightning, modeling, photoshop, ect), I’m not sure how much i can put together . I have a certain standard i hold myself when creating works that will be hard to maintain if i have to do large quantities of work, which is why i am not using flash or web comics as a medium. ***

My concern is that, since there is so much material that this series is based around that i will have a hard time making it so the anyone can read it. I might just link to the online glossary of terms as a simple solution but it will still be hard to read for someone who has not read the books.

-Adam Steffy-


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