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Although the html voice of Change the Code, Keep the Text is pretty annoying to listen to, I found the work as a whole very interesting. For my final project I would like to do something similar to this work. I was thinking that it would be a sort of mock of the Change the Code, Keep the Text video and audio-even though I am considering recording my voice instead of the html, only because it is REALLY annoying to listen to. My video and script however, would focus on responding to Makers. It would respond to the connections within the story line such as the interpersonal connections, the corp. vs individual, and the different ways we chose to interact-text message, emails, etc.

I would want the medium to reflect the video that we see in Change the Code, Keep the Text. It will add to my critical response of the fan fiction and similar to Change the Code, Keep the Text, as the script will be provided within my work so viewers can also read it.

Although I think there are a lot of interesting interactive works and digital stories that we have looked at through the semester I found that Change the Code, Keep the Text represents really my first understanding of using technology as a medium. I think by using sound and visuals to add to the story, it really shows what one can do with digital media.


Final Project post #2

For my final project I will tell a story similar to House on Loon Lake, but also use Change the Code, Save the Text video. I think the video will add to the story by using technology to give it a visual aspect.

For the video I will use premier and different images and text much like Change the Code, Save the Text. It will consist of still images with the words being displayed at particular times throughout the story.

I will record my voice for the narration of the text. And unlike the html voice, try to mimic the digital storytelling such as House on Loon Lake or This American Life. I think that mixing digital story telling with hypertext will work well together as I think the video with hypertext will add to the storytelling. I also think that the story will complement Change the Codes idea-that programmers can use html code to tell stories and as a form of expression. It will mix my experience with this class as I have struggled with technology as the medium and my comfortable medium of writing stories.

-Kezia Wong


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