Final Musings

Out of all of the projects worked on, I can say that the one I enjoyed working on the most was the podcast. As such I believe creating another podcast is in order. However the first time around I only really recorded a conversation with a backing track, while I think I can do more.

For the final project I plan on creating a spoken word song (think Fire Coming of the Monkey’s Head by the Gorillaz) that uses some form of rhyme scheme, heavy alliteration or some other form of constricted writing. I guess the best way to describe this would be a narrative poem, but with backing music. Also I intend to have the music more firmly intertwined with the narrative, which I feel is a big flaw in my first podcast that I can’t quite figure out how to fix.

As for the subject matter of the piece, I want to discuss (or play off of) the singularity based futurism found in the Hob storyline of Dresden Codak coupled with the inherent human drive for creation found at the core of Makers. To convey these ideas the narrative will be about a being who seeks to reach an even higher level of consciousness by creating systems and worlds of even greater complexity. To sort of paint the fourth wall, the music (especially rhythm) as well as the rhyme structure will get progressively more complex as the piece progresses.


Technical: The podcasts structure is a rhythmic narrative that increases in complexity as things within the story increase in complexity. It will have a single speaker as well as a backing music track which will be written for each other so as to create a more detailed level of coherency. For further constraint a rhyme scheme (most likely starting out as couplets and then progressively getting more complex) will be added into the narrative as well as portions of the narrative featuring heavy alliteration.

Rhetorical: Makers has an underlying theme that people are at their happiest whenever they are creating something, or maintaining something they feel a bond too. The central characters are particularly defined by this. I found this notion interesting but I wanted to tackle it more directly, but I’ll get back to that. In Dresden Codak the Hob storyline is basically a conflict between futuristic luddites and modern day technophiles. It speaks of a future where most people have moved on from what we would normally consider being human, but it never showcases just what they are like. As such I wanted to tell the story of such a being and how that being, having been so far removed from normal human capacity would interact and grow. The story will follow a being seeking better understanding by devising complex systems and observing them, in other words making things at a post-human level.

Rory Coble


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