Pandas and Project Musings – Diana Huang

Of all the forms we’ve explored so far, I’m most interested in fanfiction, podcasts, and webcomics. Here are my thoughts on each.

Fanfiction: I’ve read a lot of fanfiction in the past, so writing my first fanfiction when we were reading Makers was very exciting. This would be an excuse to try my hand again at creative writing, which I don’t do much of. I might write a fanfic based on the universe of Nawlz, though that seems like it wouldn’t be enough: Nawlz is too rich to be contained by plain text, and plain text seems too normal for this class!

Podcast: I really enjoyed making my first podcast, so doing another one that was less restricted by straight analysis would be fun. I’m not quite clear yet whether our final project has to be related to a work we’ve discussed, but I think this would be the project that would be “easiest” for me.

Webcomic: If we are allowed to do something completely random, I’d like to start a webcomic about a panda. I was about to say that I didn’t know of any webcomics about pandas, but then I did a quick google search of webcomic + panda and found that there are actually several webcomics about pandas. No matter, pandas will never stop being adorable, so I’d like to try this anyways if I’m allowed to. This would be difficult for me since I’m not much of an artist, but I think my enthusiasm would still carry me through. The comic is tentatively called “The Adventures of Pandaman”. The panda is really half-man, half-panda, though outwardly he looks 100% panda. He lives in a very un-panda-like world (he goes to school, does chores, has a girlfriend) and the comic follows his life while he interacts with humans. I would outline the comic on paper in pen and then color it in with Photoshop. I’ll flesh this out more if I find out I’m actually allowed to do it. My main point is, you can’t go wrong with pandas!

Pandas are cute.

– Diana Huang


~ by Diana Huang on March 27, 2011.

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