Final Project (boring title, I know..)

I really enjoyed all of the readings, but I loved Only Revolutions…really, really loved it. What struck me most about it was the different experiences it could create for a reader. It was one thing to read the text, but when we listened to it in class, it sounded totally different.

For my final project, I’d like to try to re-create those experiences using a few different forms of media that we’ve worked with in class.

1. Fan Fiction. For the basis of my project, I’d like to create a piece of fan fiction for Only Revolutions. I’d like to stay true to the format of the book, but tell my own story of Sam and Hailey within those constraints. I think it’ll be challenging, but I really enjoyed the Twitter narrative that we did, and I’d like to try some more constrained writing.

2. Podcast. Only Revolutions was made to be read, but I think listening to it has its benefits too, so I’d like to create a podcast of my fan fiction. I had a hard time with the podcast we did in class. I’d say it was probably my weakest project, so this would give me a chance to work some more with the software and hopefully improve my skills.

3. Video. I’m not sure if the fan fiction and podcast are sufficient for a final project. If they aren’t, I can also create a video using the text from my fan fiction piece. I’m sure that seeing the text in a video format would provide another different experience, and Premiere is another software that I could definitely improve my skills in.

-Julie Howell


~ by juliehowell on March 27, 2011.

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