Back to the drawing board

I had planned to use a piece of software called State, by the folks at, to produce a short animated video discussing the relative advantages and disadvantages of creating narrative using new medial. Which would have been funny since I’d be using new media to discuss new media and whether or not we should do that in the first place.

So meta, right?

But, I ran into a bunch of bugs in the software and learned tonight that as of a couple of days ago xtranormal isn’t going to support State anymore in favor of working on a new animation engine that will be web-based. The current web-based platform isn’t robust enough for what I wanted to do. It was, in fact, too easy.

So I’m back to the drawing board. I noticed a lot of similarities between Only Revolutions and the poetry of Walt Whitman. I did some research and it seems the author was inspired by Whitman, and Whitman wrote a lot about death, and about the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. Arguably this was an act of revolution in and of itself. I’d like to compare the two in some way and draw some kind of conclusion about them, but I’m running into a wall as to the best vehicle for that, and I don’t really know if I’d get anywhere with it.

I liked working with Final Cut Pro, so I’m pretty sure that my final project will be a video of some sort.

-Clayton Mathis


~ by Clayton Mathis on March 27, 2011.

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