Class Notes March 22

Hello All,

This week we are going to continue working on video, and begin a little bit of flash animation. The web writing assignment is to post a final cut of your creative critical response video. Please take into account the feedback you got in class on Tuesday.

For next Tuesday, please read Nawlz, The Virtual Disappearance of Miriam, Clearance, and The Youth in Lilliput. Please look at these readings before Saturday tutorial: on Saturday Tiffany (Digital Composition TA) will be available to go over some of the basics of making things in Flash, so if these readings interest you, and you would like to use Flash in you final project, consider attending.

This week your blog post will be about your final projects. Think of a project in the mediums we have been studying, and write a description of your project, and a summary or outline (of a script if you do a video or podcast, or discuss design and layout). Also tell us how you plan to put the project together and what tools/programs you will use.

Email or twitter if you have any questions!
-Claudia and Sarah


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