Hob #4 After Many A Summer Dies The Swan

After reading the Dresdan Codak imaginative webcomic I decided to come back to Hob #4 as it seemed original and slightly different from some of the others. Kim has just seen the “satellite” and is now back at Nostalgia Now. I found this comic interesting because as many of Diaz’s comics work as more than simply a comic, Hob #4 breaks the element of time. In this particular one Kim goes “back in time” to talk about Axolotl. The comic flashes and transforms to a completely different scene. I found this extremely interesting because this is very rare in the comic world. Usually to show time, they will say “five months later” or “1989” or perhaps have a few different segments where the character is seen passing time. However, Diaz’s comic clearly takes a flashback through time showing how the Axolotls transformed.

The comic was not only intriguing for its capability to take the reader back in time but also in attention to the format of it, I found it interesting how the pieces worked together to form more of a collage of a comic than just a standard comic strip. The use of space and especially Diaz’s use of color make the work more impressive. This speaks to the  medium and how using technology and the extensive colors can improve and set apart his comics from others.

-Kezia Wong


~ by ksw15 on March 21, 2011.

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