Eye-Catching Colors and Mother Instincts

Out of the several pieces I read, I chose to look at Hob #20- Copan. This was my favorite out of the Hob series as it was visually provoking and relatable.

I felt it was visually provoking because the colors that were used had an earthy feel, different from the rest of the series which were darker with more futuristic aspects.
I feel the alternating colors for the characters dialog boxes made for easy reading of the comic, compared to other parts where they were plain white. This highlighted the actual dialog in the piece, making it equally as important as the illustrations.

The layout of the panels suggests that Kimiko is having a flashback of happier times. This also gives insight to her home life and her relationship with her mother. You can see a more personal side of Kimiko’s mother. This I feel is the relatable aspect of the comic as she leaves her lab setting and plays along with her creative young daughter, Kimiko. As the panels progress, she becomes more of the mother Kimiko remembers and then finishes with Kimiko ending her alien playing game. The comic then reveals a deeper meaning as the reader finds out her father is away and will not be returning anytime soon.

-marissa casagrande


~ by bighouse113 on March 21, 2011.

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