Dark Science #07 – Intermezzo

I chose this one because it doesn’t contain much text.However, the layout, panels and other features of the art can provide us some idea of the story.
Each image is related to the next one, creating the movement of the story. For example, when first row on the top is visible, we see the person is traveling because background changes as the person remains. We might assume and know the destination is the white building because there is a light, which is different and more attracted than other background (using contrast of colors can influence the attention of readers). The color can help us to create the emotion. For example, I was frightened when I saw the lightening. If the background color is lighter, I don’t think I will have the same feeling.
Also, the detail of a subject is important; it also tells readers what to focus. Things are not important are obscure. For example, the bag the person carry is drawn in detail, but the face of the person and other people are not.



~ by tsaijojo on March 20, 2011.

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  1. I like what you said about this picture because my eyes were drawn to all of the elements you discussed without me realizing it on the first read. I think that the perspective of the boxes is really important as well. If you look at the 3rd row, the pictures have a round perspective so that your eyes focus on the center of that box.

    At first I thought that the characters in this comic were actually colored black, but after reading your analysis I realized that this is not true. As you said, some images are intentionally obscured while others detailed. When the hands are focused on, we see that they are not black.

  2. While reading through the webcomics I also stopped at looked at this particular one. As you mentioned, since there is not text, the images help you navigate through the story. I liked how you said that the different colors create different emotions, I felt the same thing! I also touched on colors in my own blog post.


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