Concerning Continuity

This series of webcomics is certainly a break from the norm, compositionally speaking. The artist clearly has clearly chosen to emphasize composition as tool to enhance storytelling. While many comics experiment with panel placement to varying degrees at infrequent times, this artist goes out of their way to break with the norm.

One effect of this is what is what was intended – the audience becomes more engaged and the overall storytelling is enriched. There are, however, also times when the artist’s techniques go too far, as is the risk run by any going against the norm. While conventions may be stale, they also provide a structure and context within which and audience can interpret a work. While infrequent, there are times that panels are laid out in such a way that and inter-panel context is lacking just enough to produce a situation in which some readers may be lost as what, exactly, the progression is meant to be. This is engaging at best and disorienting and frustrating at worst.


-Dave Turka


~ by kartud on March 19, 2011.

One Response to “Concerning Continuity”

  1. I’ve been reading this comic for quite a while and I’ve been slightly off balance but never lost. So to speak.

    Can you give more concrete examples of excessivenes in layout?

    Also layout is not the only tool used in this comic, it is mearly the most obvious one.
    Color(tione) and outspoken character design and a bunch of other things I’m sure should not be overlooked.

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