Humanity in Machines

This was my favorite part of the whole hob series, mainly because it, along with the previous part, explained most of the last 20 some parts and created a rich story that is rarely found in web comics.There are  so few comics actually progress the story, but not only does this progress the story, it tells its own. From part 10 we discovered that there was a war over machines controlling the earth, but this puts the whole story into a new light. This turned the cliche human vs machine into something much more, an inquiry into human purpose. Not only that, it has the interesting paradox that Kim is talking to part her future self, lecturing her. Hob, as explained in part 16, is Mother coupled with Kim’s AI. As we see by the end of the Hob series, this does play a very interesting roll.


Not only is the story well designed, but the layout and colors are brilliantly done too. At the start we see slightly brighter colors, especially with the humans as they are looking for hope,  for a reason to exist. As Mother tells them that they have to make a meaning for themselves, the panels grow darker. Then kim comes in, commentating to Hob. Hob remains dark, lost in his own misery, while both Kim and the background are lighter as kim explains Hob’s lack of humanity. In each panel of the comic, there is an obvious focus. But the background is what pulls what they are saying together. If this story was told with white wall backgrounds, it would loose most of its force. With the spires, machinery, wires, and unidentifiable shapes it pulls you into this future. It makes what is being said that much more forceful.

That is why i like this part of the story. Everything from the past parts is building to this commentary and it comes out so perfectly. The pannels climax in the middle, when Mother turns her back on humanity. That both explains and reinforces the plot line. After that, Kims commentary was perfectly written. So short, but to the point. Then the shattered glass into the point of the whole plot.



~ by adamsteffy on March 18, 2011.

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