Class Notes March 16

Hello All,

This week’s web assignments are to create a rough cut of your creative critical response video, and a movie poster to go with it on your website. The rough cut of your video needs to be 2-3 minutes long, so please take into account the time you will need to render and export the files. If you need more space on your pitt website at any time, call the Technology Help Desk. In addition to the photoshop and premier tutorials, tv.adobe also has an illustrator section here which can help you if you’re stuck.

The reading assignment is Dresden Codak, along with two blog posts by the author on his artistic process, found here and here.

For the class blog, please select one page of Dresden Codak, and write an explanation of the formatting of that page. Pay attention to the layout of the text, panels, characters, and write about how these, or other features of the art, help communicate the story. Do not use a page from the 12/13-12/17 guest week.

There will be a tutorial this weekend on Sunday from 4-6. Since the video editing can be very time consuming, I recommend you work on it before hand, so you can come on Sunday if you get stuck on anything.

-Claudia and Sarah


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