Using Cuts

The depiction of time passing is very crucial when video editing. I have followed several tutorials that stress the importance of using cuts carefully so not to confuse the audience, or to seem as though the story is not legitimate.

The use of cuts, allows for the video to go from one point to another point without showing each action. This is very beneficial if you don’t have a lot of time in the video-and in our case with our class video, to show each action in sequence.

Something to remember when cutting is that motion distracts the viewer from noticing the editing cuts. So when cutting from one image to another it is useful to do so when the object or subject is in motion. It is also useful to use different angles to cut. If you are filming an event, you can cut from a zoomed in shot to a more panoramic shot of the event. You can also use similar elements or pictures to cut between. For example from a flower in the garden to a flower in someones hair.

Another important tool to use for cuts is the wipe. At a wedding for example, the full frame of a suit jacket or of someones head can easily be cut out of the sequence in order to maintain a well flowing video.

Cuts are very important to editing video and can allow for a long period of time to pass without the audience having to actually witness everything that occurs. It is important to incorporate them however while paying attention to all details. For example, if you cut a scene into another scene where the background or weather might differ from the other scene, than that will confuse the audience and make your video less credible.

-Kezia Wong


~ by ksw15 on March 15, 2011.

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