Transitioning in moderation

One of the signs of an amateur filmmaker is overusing transitions. I can remember back to middle school when I first started using iMovie (if it was even called that then…) and how transition-heavy my short films were. I thought the more obvious the transitions were, the more skilled I would seem as a filmmaker. Well, looking back now, that is certainly not the case. How many of the Oscar nominated films this year featured “Barn Doors” or “Iris Diamond” transitions? I’m guessing none.

A basic transition in Adobe Premiere is the “Cross Dissolve,” in which one video clip dissolves subtly into the next. As one image begins to fade, the second takes its place. This can be added to your video very easily.

First, on the menu bar go to “Window” and select “Effects.”

This will then open the transition menu on the bottom left of the Premiere screen.

When you decide which transition you want, simply drag it onto the end of one clip. You can vary the how long you want the transition to last by dragging the edges of the transition clip.

Viola! As you see, I have “Cross Dissolve” positioned between my two clips. Even though I recorded these clips at separate times, they will now blend together nicely.

– Jen Hirsch


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  1. I liked the way you established rapport with the reader at the beginning of this post. The pictures were helpful to me in following along. It was also helpful that you put your instructions into small, manageable steps.

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