Splitting Video

Sometimes you may want to work with or share only a certain segment of a video. For example, between the end of an event that you intend to record and the time you get around to pressing the button to stop recording, you may have filmed extra material that you don’t need in your scene. If you want a video file that doesn’t contain the extra parts, you can use software to split the parts of the video.

One piece of software that can be used for splitting video files is VirtualDub. VirtualDub is not a full video editing program, but it can be used for certain video processing tasks, such as video splitting. VirtualDub is available for free under the GNU General Public License and can be obtained from http://www.virtualdub.org/. VirtualDub is available for Windows and operates on avi, mpeg, and collections of image files.

To split a video file, first launch VirtualDub and select “Open video file..” from the File menu. Select and open the video file you want to split.

Because we want an exact copy of a part of the file, we set VirtualDub to not recompress or perform other processing operations on the file. From the menu bar, select “Video,” then select “Direct stream copy.”

Next, we have to select the part of the file to save as its own video file. The slider bar along the bottom of the screen allows us to seek to a frame in the video file. We can also use the left and right arrow buttons beneath the bar to move forward and backward to find the right frame.

Position the slider so that it is on the frame that should be the start of the split video file. Click the left selection button to mark the start of a selection.

Now move the slider so that is on the frame that should be the end of the split video file. Click the right selection button to mark the end of the selection. The area between the first and second selection on the bar turns blue, showing what part of the video is selected.

Now to obtain a video file containing only the selected part of the original file. From the File menu, select “Save as AVI…” Select a place on the computer to save the file. The video file will begin and end at the frames selected in VirtualDub.

-Kevin O’Leary


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  1. This is an excellent DIY post and let me break down why:

    First, the language you use is simple to understand, without being condescending. Often times people forget that the people who read DYI posts aren’t unintelligent, but rather, unenlightened about a certain topic!

    Second, each key step is clearly broken apart from any other step. This makes everything really easy to follow. Big blocks of text often lose a reader, especially one confused, so this is really important!

    Third, not only did you provide screenshots step-by-step of the process, but you also highlighted the key points. This directs the reader immediately in the right direction and leaves no room for guessing.

    Overall, great post!

    – Aly Ferguson

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