how to film a video- equipment.

In order to film a good video, we will need the equipments, which are listed below.

1. video camera

before we buy the camera, we should know its features. The main features, such as its resolutions are important to know; it determines how clear your image is. The other features such as white balance presets and digital zoom are beneficial when filming. Also, we should check the reviews online, see what others say about the camera.

2. tri-pod

When filming, we sometimes want the camera to be solid and stable. We can purchase a tri-pod to help us. The tri-pod with a handle ( like the picture above), can help us moving the camera more smoothly.


There are some additional equipments that we might need is the microphone and artificial lighting. Microphone can help us to eliminate the noise of surrounding and  record a clear sound. For the artificial lighting, sometimes when we filming outdoor,  the weather is not constant. The artificial lighting can help us to product (better )color temperature  ( than a video camera). The lighting is also helpful when filming indoor.






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