DIY: Turning a Picture Still Into An Artistic Sketch

If you want to use stills in a video production, and prefer a pencil sketch look for those stills, heres how to achieve that effect using Adobe Photoshop. The first step is to select a picture for use. To do so, open photoshop, select the File menu at the top and click open. I have selected a picture of myself, because I’m narcissistic, as an example.

After you’ve chosen the desired image, go into the Image menu, mouse over adjustments, and select desaturate.

Which will give you this result:

From there go to the Filter menu, mouse over stylize, and select find edges.

This effect can be seen in the above image behind the photoshop menu. Next go back to the Filter menu, mouse over Artistic and select Film Grain.

Which will produce this screen:

If you prefer browse the selection of other filters and settle onto one that is more to your liking. Once you’ve selected the filter of choice, hit Ok to produce the desired image.

-Rory Coble


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2 Responses to “DIY: Turning a Picture Still Into An Artistic Sketch”

  1. I had used the select edges filer in CS3 but i did not like the result. This, however, came out great. I like how you used the grain filter to add texture to the outline. As a cool effect, you can also create a copy of the original and blend the outlined image into it with a blend line darken. You get both the colors and the outlines.

  2. Your DIY blogpost was very short and simple and for that, I enjoyed it. The post allowed me to easily convert one of my own pictures into a pencil sketch and to elaborate from there. It may not be too complicated, but the pencil sketch sure looks pretty awesome. Your post also made me laugh to myself when I read your narcissistic comment. Nice work.

    -Billy Ricketts-

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