Converting Movie Files

Sometimes when you are working with different programs or streaming media for Internet presentation, you run into a problem with file extensions.  Converting isn’t as simple as just renaming the file extension!

Perusing Google, I found a freeware program (that is, the license is free and it is a perfectly legal copy of the program) here.  I have a Mac so I downloaded the Mac version, but MPEG Streamclip is available for Mac OS X or Windows.

The file downloads as a .dmg.  Normally you should be hesitant about downloading these types of files, but the reviews on the program didn’t throw any red flags.  Drag the .dmg file into your Applications folder and open the program.  There will be a few tips and license agreements, just keep clicking ok.

Now you should see a program that looks as if there is a dice with 5 blue dots in the middle.  Opening a file is simple–just click File > Open File on the top of your mac.  I opened “,” one of my old videos from ASL class.  Now go back into File and there should be various Export options.  I am chosing Export to Avi/DivX, because Avi/DivX have a nice compression for large videos.  The screen looks like this:

You see you can change the quality, the frame size, the audio, the compression.  If you understand any of these things, feel free to play around.  I would go more in depth, but I feel that is best saved for another How-To post!  Next you should click “Make Avi” and it will ask you where to save.  Pick the folder and an exporter preview pops up as well as a progress bar.  Once the bar reaches 100%, you are done and it was just that simple!

Now you have converted your movie file to any format you may need in a very simple process!

– Aly Ferguson


~ by notsinthetix on March 14, 2011.

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