How To Make A “Concert Hall” Sound Effect in Audacity

Perhaps you are using a vocal track (for example, your lovely singing voice) for a video piece and would like to give it a classy concert feel.  If so, Audacity provides a simple, straightforward way to do so:

1.) Open Audacity.  (Still with me? Good.)

2.) Record your audio.  Alternatively, you can Import an MP3 you wish to give the concert effect to.  I chose an Acapella vocal track of “Foggy Dew,” a traditional Irish folksong performed by nabilkhazzaka, because it sounds way cooler than anything I could sing.

It should look something like this:


3.) Highlight the track.  Go to the Effect Menu and select GVerb.


4.) Make the following changes: Roomsize to 35; Reverb time to 20; Dry signal level (dB) to 0; Early reflection level to -10; Tail level to -30. Click OK.

5.) Congratulations- you created an authentic concert experience! Here’s the finished product (I added applause at the end of my track. It felt appropriate):


~ by victoriafrolics on March 13, 2011.

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