Class Notes, March 1


Since we are just starting the video section of class, there will be quite a few things to do over spring break.

First of all, you will need to get the proper equipment for video footage. Use your discretion and follow the guidelines we talked about in class (for example, a point-and-shoot camera with limited video capacity isn’t necessarily sufficient), but if you do not have access to a video camera you can borrow one from pitt CIDDE, but you must get instructor permission first.

Please write a script and a description of your video to go on your website. The video will be a creative critical response to Only Revolutions. Since this is such a dense piece, it might be helpful to focus your response on one aspect of the book rather than tackle the book as a whole. The entire video will be 2-3 minutes long, so (like with the podcasts) the script itself should be around a page and a half. Keep in mind your video will probably take more time than just reading the dialogue, and plan your timing accordingly. The description should include commentary on the style, content, and message of your piece. One or two paragraphs is sufficient. If at any time you run out of space on your Pitt site, you can call the technology help desk for more server space.

For class on the 15th, we will be working on editing skills you can use on your projects. This means that you are required to bring in some raw materials to work with. Please bring some video footage, stills, and audio to work with in class. This can be footage you intend to use in your video project, but it is not a requirement. This also doesn’t need to go on the website. Bringing it on usb is fine.

Relatedly, the reading assignment for this week is to complete tutorials on Photoshop and Premier. You can find those here and here.

The blog assignment for this week is to write a How-To guide to some aspect of the video making process (it can be on shooting, editing, sound, equipment, etc). You can look at the Composing Digital Media class blog for examples on how to write a DIY instruction post. If you want to use screen caps to explain your process as you go along, use the Grab application (should come with most Macs), or the PrintScrn key on Windows. This blog post is due the Monday before class, not next Monday during spring break.

Have a good spring break!
-Claudia and Sarah


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