Inanimate Alice — Episodes

Inanimate Alice is a wonderfully told story. Visually very attractive, and well organized into episodes.

I do, however, take some issue with a few parts of the production. First, the soundtrack was irritating. I know I am not supposed to consider this in terms of like/dislike, but the abrasiveness of the soundtrack made it harder for me to fall into the story, and I do not think it added anything to the story that a less abrasive version would.

My second qualm: Episode 2 was noticeably weaker than the others. It’s pacing was much slower, and content less important. Despite the fact that, like episode 1, Alice does not know where her parent(s) is/are. However, it did not contain the same emotional level. Also, I thought that the narration in this episode flitted back and forth between what would be expected out of a ten-year old and turns of phrase that stuck out awkwardly as too advanced.

Finally, I believe that the game portion of the Russian episode was detrimental to the story. While the emotional content of this episode was more acute than either of the previous episodes, I found myself paying less attention to the story and putting more effort into searching for those damned dolls.

The use of episodes was expertly done and worked well in this story. They allowed small arcs and gradual progression through Alice’s life. Cheers.


~ by Brendan Sullivan on March 1, 2011.

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