Nar Tech #6

by Mike Lew

This novel is so full of rules, that it ends up quite really difficult to read.  You do get used to the incomplete sentences really fast, though.

The first one I noticed (that wasn’t taken already) is that as the size of the font containing the historical events decreases, the gap between dates also decreases for SAM.  However, for HAILEY, the opposite is true.

Just as Jen said, there are a lot of phrases fully capitalized.  The second constraint I’ve noticed is that these capitalized words are characters that are referenced in both Sam and Hailey’s stories.  Keep in mind that often the characters have different names in both stories, but still reference the same person.

The third constraint is that as the book progresses, the bolded words (animals for Sam and plants for Hailey) become lighter and lighter until they are a light gray towards the end of the novel.


~ by MikeL on February 20, 2011.

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  1. The first thing i noticed was that these constraints were not mentioned in other blog posts. While the first constraint may have been mentioned in a similar way, mentioning of the gaps between the dates was not. I did not notice the way these dates changed (probably because I skipped reading that section), but as I keep reading the novel I’ll have to take notice on why this is significant.

    The second constraint I believe has to do with the parallelism between both Sam and Hailey’s stories. I think I wrote in my blog post how essentially the two stories are the same, even with overlapping text, so it would make sense for these capitalized words to be the same in both stories.

    I think your third constraint may go along with your first in the sense that both the date font size and the boldness of the words become smaller and less prominent as the novel progress. The one side of the story shrinks in size as the other gets larger so I feel like these two constraints may coincide with one.

    Since you did not mention any that had been previously mentioned-congrats! As I think I need to now re-edit my post as one of mine was already mentioned.

  2. Yeah, I didn’t really pay too much attention to the dates/date columns on my first run-through, either. And I definitely didn’t notice the size differences. Pretty cool. I didn’t notice the fading text color for plants/animals, either.

    The only suggestion I have is that you give some examples for the second constraint. Which characters are the same, but share a different name?

    Otherwise, well done.

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