3 constraint

The first one I noticed, was the year. From Sam’s side, the year is always earlier than Hailey, they don’t have overlap.
The second one I noticed was the length of sentence. For Sam’s, the sentence was short, but became more complete and for Hailey’s, was longer and became shorter.
The third one I noticed, the used of “- ” note. Sam and Hailey used it to note their thoughts, or a conversation. As the page went (from Sam’s side), Hailey used “- ” and other impression(?,!) more.

Yu-Lan Tsai


~ by tsaijojo on February 20, 2011.

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  1. I’m not quite sure what she means by the sentence length of Sam vs. Hailey. If there is a difference between the two and Hailey’s sentences are getting shorter, then I didn’t notice it…so that’s kinda cool. The only sizing differences I noticed were the verses–as Hailey’s got shorter, Sam’s got longer and vice-versa.

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