Class Notes


This week we went over some of the features of soundbooth that you can use to improve the edits of your podcasts. Please use these techniques, or any others you need, to revise your podcast so that it sounds as clean as possible (get rid of background noise, pops, sloppy cuts, etc.) and post a revised version on your website. Make sure that all of he material posted on your site has a short annotation of a few sentences of description or commentary.

Your reading assignment is the first half of Only Revolutions, and the wikipedia article on constrained writing to help you with this blog assignment:
There are at least ninety constraints operating in this book. Pick three explicit rules and write about them, but, you may not write about any constraint that someone else has already posted about. Keep in mind that the constraints are not only about content, but also about format. When you are reading Only Revolutions, please be sure you read all of it, including the instructions, and read eight pages at a time before flipping the book. The first half ends at pg 180/181.

Also, if you need any help, we will now be having tutorials every Saturday 1-3 (so, this week on both Saturday and Sunday).

Good Luck!
-Claudia and Sarah


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