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After watching as many videos as I could handle, I felt as if I was getting the gist of the process for digital story telling.  Every video that I saw seemed to be very emotionally backed.[structural] Whether it was sad emotions or happy emotions, it gave the stories a very deep layer of substance that could not be avoided.[structural] I also noticed that most of the stories seemed to be told from either immigrants or a minority.[structural] The stories all seemed to all reflect back on the storyteller’s own life and all of them seemed to have some sort of resolution in them. [structural, rhetorical] The resolution is a very important part of all stories, the part that makes the listener or reader think to his or herself “Everything is better now!”, without that sort of feeling, tension is left unresolved.[structural] The stories all focused on one certain aspect as opposed to a whole life story or something very general.[structural] Change and reflection also seemed to be a huge part of this type of story telling.  The story teller, in every case, was asked a series of  questions focused on reflection.  Reflection is a huge part of the story telling and seems to leave the teller better off after than before.  Therapeutic in a way.[structural]


Once I got the energy to hunt for the CDS cookbook, I realized that my feelings of how the stories worked seemed to be right for the most part.  Emotions are a huge focus for the people telling the stories, they also seem to be the focus for the members of the CDS teaching the technique of story telling.  They teach story telling through the digital medium because this is one type that is certainly not outdated and is increasing in popularity everyday.[structual, technical]

The background pictures were another important aspect for the way that these stories were told.  Each story contained a video that was full of certain pictures relating to the story.  They then used a technique of zooming either in on the photo or moving away from it and placed photos in a juxtaposition.[rhetorical]

-Billy Ricketts-


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