Center for Digital Storytelling Standard Format

The Center for Digital Storytelling seems to be very open to just about any type of story, so long as it follows some very basic guidelines. These guidelines deal more with the video’s format, or the way in which the story is told, and less with the stories content. From what I saw none of the stories were fantastical in nature, and most were probably autobiographical [rhetorical]. As for the format each video needed a title card for the piece, some kind of music as a backing track, still or simplistically animated images that compliment the narration, a single speaker narrating the whole story, and some sort of credits section for the author and others who helped [technical]. However this is only what I managed to gather from watching a few videos. For comparison I checked the Centers official “cookbook” for the details of their formatting requirements.

From what I can tell the Center for Digital Storytelling has even more lax formatting recommendations then I assumed. Per the directions in the cookbook the piece should include a spoken audio track as a voice-over, sets of pictures or on-screen text arranged in some manner, and maybe some music in relation to the spoken audio [technical]. Also the cookbook confirmed my suspicion that the stories are expected to be autobiographical [rhetorical]. Other than that I cannot find a more detailed guide for how to construct the stories in the Center’s format.

Rory Coble

~ by rbc12 on February 14, 2011.

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