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The videos I have watched on the Center for Digital Storytelling seem to have a specific formula, for sure. I was surprised that even across the categories of videos, most took on the form of a specific memoir/anecdote, usually having to do with the narrator’s youth and parents. Which is all pretty fitting; oral storytelling (which these stories would easily be delivered as) has a tendency to be a matter of personal history. So if I had to guess at a formula it would be:

1. Pick a formative experience from your youth.

2. Describe who was involved in it, and how it shaped your worldview in the ensuing years.

3. Relate an experience in your life when that formative experience and the paradigm shifts it caused manifests itself.

After reading the cookbook, I don’t think I was too far off on the elements of the story itself, but I gave no consideration at all the technical aspects of creating the video, e. g. selecting images and music, and coordinating those elements. I went back and watched a few of the videos with this in mind and was blow away that I could have ignored the music, which is a subtle but incredibly effective method of giving ambient emotions to each story. The images that were presented during the videos did less for me, but were of course helpful in creating the overarching sense of the piece as a whole.

-Brendan Sullivan


~ by Brendan Sullivan on February 14, 2011.

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