A New Recipe

After watching many of the stories on the Center for Digital Storytelling, I figured the ‘recipe’ went something like this:  the very beginning is the background to their story[structure, rhetorical], usually focusing on an image panning or zooming.[technical]  The story then dives into the deeper meaning, the whole reason why they are telling it;-[rhetorical] explaining it through audio and visual images, sometimes with text appearing over the image.[technical]  Finally, the conflict is resolved usually with the author in a different/ better place.[rhetorical]  Visually, the pictures were often happier, with text giving thanks to their new lives.[technical]

After reading the cookbook( more on technical aspects) I discovered their recipe was not too much different than from my own. I acknowledged the effect of a single image, then either panning or zooming for effect. Also, the combination of multiple images within a single frame, either through collage or fading over time- this I felt was usually during the middle, when the author would explain their change. I also noticed how text was added over the images to place emphasis.[technical]

I failed to mention the various audio effects such as:

– Recorded voice-over

– Recorded voice-over in relation to sound, either music or ambient sound

– Music alone or in contrast to another piece of music

I guess I did not realize the voice-over’s in relation to sound as much as I noticed the images and text.[technical]

-Marissa Casagrande


~ by bighouse113 on February 14, 2011.

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