Digital storytelling

the narrators talked about their personal stories in the videos (structural). Sometimes, they started up introduced the places they were raised and their family backgrounds (structural). Furthermore, they talked about the things that influence them the most, how did those things/ incidents effect their perspective on lives (structural). Sometimes, narrators started up the incident which had impacts on them(structural). In the end, narrators carried the perspective they had learned from the incidents, continuously living(structural). In the last few minutes of videos, there were always some pictures of something that related to the narrators, with music playing in the background (technical); giving readers time to digest the important points (what narrators try to say) in the video (rhetorical).
After reading the cookbook, I realized the process of conducting an digital story telling is quite long (rhetorical). They need find an story, trying to think what the story will bring to the reader ( what does the story trying to tell us) , they then conduct a video (technical). In each video, emotion is a big part in story telling, and because it is web-based, the music and the multiple images can help readers getting more involved to the story (technical).

Yu-Lan Tsai


~ by tsaijojo on February 14, 2011.

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