Cookin’ with story

Before reading CDS’s cookbook:

The formula used by the Center for Digital Storytelling seems to me to be this:

Begin with an inciting incident or change [structure]

If possible, refer back to some visual cue/symbol throughout (fish, balcony, toaster oven) [rhetorical]

Use a mixture of personal stock photos with occasional footage for visuals and, for sound, use voice and possibly music [technical]

End with the main character in a new place (literally or figuratively) [structure, rhetorical]

After reading CDS’s cookbook:

Digital stories contain multiple visual and audio layers.

The visual layers are:

– The composition of a single image

– The combination of multiple images within a single frame, either through

collage or fading over time

– The juxtaposition of a series of images over time

– Movement applied to a single image, either by panning or zooming or the

juxtaposition of a series of cropped details from the whole image

– The use of text on screen in relation to visuals, spoken narration, or sound

The audio layers are:

– Recorded voice-over

– Recorded voice-over in relation to sound, either music or ambient sound

– Music alone or in contrast to another piece of music

I’m afraid that I didn’t notice the use of panning and zooming over the images (aka, the Ken Burns Effect) [technical]. I also didn’t particularly notice the use of juxtaposition of images, but then I suppose that that’s because basically all visual editing is the juxtaposition of images, so I took it for granted [rhetorical].

-Dave Turka


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