The assignments for next week are as follows:

Blog post- Go to the Center for Digital Storytelling and watch as many videos as possible, being sure to look at videos from each category (place, health, identity, etc). First, write an analytical description of what you think the form and format of this particular kind of storytelling is. For example, when we watched the Ira Glass video he described the parts as bait, anecdote and reflection. The Center for Digital Storytelling has a formula. Try to describe and asses it. After you’ve written this part up, go back to the CDS website and read the relevant passages in their Cookbook, in which they outline the formula. Write a second part of your blog post to reflect on how well you did at guaging the structure/formula. You should have a before and after.

Podcast- On your website next week, you should post a revised script, and rough podcast in an appropriate playable format. This means that once you record and edit it, you need to export a the file as an mp3.  Do not put up a digital project file.  You should try to include voice, music, and sound effects, but if you decide not to record your own music/effects, you can import them. When thinking about how to edit your scripts, it might be helpful to first identify a “thesis” as you might find in a response paper, and then develop a way to creatively express that thesis. Also remember, if you chose to work with a partner, your podcast and script should be double in length.

There will be a tutorial this Sunday, from 4-6, if you need any help.

-Claudia and Sarah


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