Senses and Ideas

The internet is made up of ideas. Unfortunately, due to the pace of modern day life, we rarely have time to sit down and engage more than small piece of our mind on a single idea. We engage the most powerful of our senses, the sense of sight, and let it do all the work for us. But if you really want to develop an idea, you need to try to bring as many senses as possible into the idea. Inanimate Alice does this through a combination of familiar ideas, such as the cold feel of snow or the thought process putting together a puzzle and combines  them with sound, text, and artistic images. It tells the story of a young girl’s pretty ordinary experiences by trying to relate as much as possible to common experiences the reader may have had. It attempts to get the reader as familiar with the emotions its trying to convey as possible before moving on to the next set of relatable emotions.

On the other hand, Flight Paths goes another route and attempts to tell the story to us, rather than have us experience it. It uses the same types of props to bring the story to the user, but the story is not of a character we can identify with. Instead, flight paths is supposed to give the impression of movement of some type. Whether its driving, walking, or just the movement of thoughts from subject to subject, its all about movement. The images and the rhythms of the music reflect this. Its more about the total picture than an emotion.

Both are interesting uses of a audio and visual medium, but they are don’t appeal much to my tastes.


Adam Steffy


~ by adamsteffy on February 8, 2011.

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