A New World of Digital Novels

In Inanimate Alice, with each new episode Alice evolved more and more. She started off as a young 8-year old girl, then matures to a 14-year old young woman in chapter 4. The episodic structure of this digital novel becomes more advanced in regards to Alice and the authors. This parallelism can be seen by the increasing length of each episode and also the amount of involvement needed to finish the story.

These episodes were set up in a way very similar to a novel or a television series. They begin with Alice having a conflict(her parents are lost), then the plot thickens by something dramatic happens(when she  falls under a vast amount of snow), finally ending with a resolution(Brad helps her remain calm and she finds her parents). The multimedia aspect of this novel helps maintain the dramatics of it. The way the music becomes static in time of crisis, usually would indicate a pause, possibly for the reader to evaluate the situation at hand.

Coming back to the interactivity with each episode, the structure is set up in a way that as Alice grows, the reader needs to also grow by paying closer attention while reading. I did not realize this as I had missed 2 dolls at the early stages of Chapter 3 and when it came to passing through security, I needed to find the missing dolls. This way of keeping up with the text really made the experience unlike anything you can get from watching a television series or reading a book.

The structure of Inanimate Alice was unlike anything I have ever come across and am excited to see the even greater lengths a digital novel can take us.

-marissa casagrande


~ by bighouse113 on February 8, 2011.

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