The Reader’s Role

When looking at Inanimate Alice, the structure and interactivity is an important aspect to the work. With each episode the involvement of the reader becomes increasingly more, and to the point where you cannot get past a certain place in the story without paying enough attention. This functions to make the reader notice different things throughout the story. The dolls for example, in the Russian episode, may arguably detract from the actual story line. As the story goes through, you must focus on trying to find the hiding dolls and they are not always appearing at an optimum time. However, for the most part, the interactivity makes you take time and be involved in the story. The reader can’t simply sit back and enjoy, but they must do work in order to receive the information.

The idea of interactivity also evolves with the different episodes. As it is interactive in the beginning, it is only to a certain point-making the story proceed at the level of the reader. However by the last two episodes you can play the game and be more involved in Alice’s story. With the story’s advancement and Alice’s aging, we as the reader actually becomes an influence on the story. If we do not find all the dolls in Russia, than Alice and her family cannot be saved. As she becomes older we play a larger role in the story.

Kezia Wong


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