Episodes and Chapters

Chapters are the main divisions in written works of relative length. Episodes are usually used in television to order a serialized drama.

The divisions used in Flight Path and Inanimate Alice were something in between. It would be fairly easy to call the divisions of Makers episodes. Makers was very clearly a serialized drama. It moved through time in a linear fashion following a single set of characters. I’m having a hard time putting a finger on what exactly to call the divisions in Flight Path and Inanimate Alice. Flight Path was obviously not linear and jumped back and forth between two different seemingly unrelated characters dealing with different situations, until their paths collided. Inanimate Alice was more serialized in nature, however it would be more accurate to call the divisions in both pieces experiences as opposed to chapters or episodes. Each one is a self-contained story that could stand alone. Generally speaking, chapters and episodes cannot stand by themselves as short stories or individual pieces of fiction.

I think this is the main difference between the networked dramas we just read and traditional novels or television shows.

-Clayton Mathis


~ by Clayton Mathis on February 7, 2011.

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