Advantageous of Episodic Content

The usefulness of episodic content in an overall story is that episodes allow for an obvious division in content. Each episode allows for a separate story to be told, one that can then be referred to later in another episode or forgotten. These separate stories allow for better character development in that each episode can focus on the character learning one skill or over coming one challenge that is important to the overall narrative.

For instance in inanimate Alice, each episode focused on a different story from the life of the narrator Alice. While the whole thing could be considered cohesive, there are still breaks in the content because each episode is a story that could easily stand on its own.

Episodic storytelling also allows for other divisions that are not segmented story based reasons. Episodes could be used to switch the character focus, like early on in Flight Paths. They can also be used to put a metaphorical distance between the portions of the narrative. The obvious example would be that each episode of inanimate Alice took place in a different area and a different year. Finally they can be used to give the narrative an ebb and flow in terms of how serious and intense the overall story is getting. Right after a very serious episode, a logical break would be to pause, and then show a relatively calm and funny episode.

Rory Coble


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