Class Notes, February 1

Hello everyone,

In class, we talked about the three parts of storytelling (specifically audio-only storytelling): the antidote, the bait, and the reflection. Finish listening to “Ira Glass on Storytelling.”, on youtube. For next week, you’ll have to script a podcast of your own. The podcast should be a critical response to any of the work we’ve looked at in class thus far (including the pieces for next class), but also a narrative. This is not criticism; no “I liked this,” “This part was boring,” etc. Focus on the hows the piece is made, how it works, and why it makes you feel the way it does. How does it function? What affects does it have? How are the affects created?

The script for your podcast should be no more than 3 minutes long (1 double-spaced page is approximately 1 minute). Keep in mind that when you actually record your podcast you will need to use three different tracks: narration, sound effects, and music. You may collaborate on this with a partner, but you will have to double all of the work.

For this weeks blog post, think about chapters and episodes. How do they work with the narrative form of Inanimate Alice, and Flightpaths vs in a chapter novel, a televison show, webisodes, and other forms. Examine the effects of the episodic sturcture, how it changes the story telling, and works with the story. look at connections between form, storytelling, and interactivity. After you write, revise. Also, please sign your blog posts!

-Claudia and Sarah


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