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For both novels, what attracted me to read each chapter is the used of foreshadowing in the stories. For example, in the beginning of Inanimate Alice, Alice  lost her Dad in China, and then lost her parents in Italy, which clearly told me something is happening to Alice.  Along the way for Alice to find her Dad or parents, I could feel her uneasiness. Alice’s uneasiness appears in every episode of Inanimate Alice, and it won’t be gone until the end, which is the part that motivated me to read each story. Similarly, in Flight Path, the person starts his/her journey to Dubai; I could feel his/her excitement. As I read through the story, with the picture (color) shows in each slide, I could also feel the uneasiness in the person, thinking something might happen in his/her journey. Which it did, a house wife appears in the story, and then they collide (the way I interpreted the story).
In each novel, they are all episodic. The way they connected is different between two novels. In Flight Path, the author did not tell you what happened in the end of each story, which motivated me to read the next one. As I read more, I understood the story more. On the other hands, Inanimate Alice has a complete story in each episode. But in each episode, they share the same elements, and I can see it’s growing as Alice grows older. For example, Alice’s imaginary friend, Brad, is growing, become more complete. Different than a chapter novel,digital novels used the sounds and image to make people emotionally involved, and the games (in Inanimate Alice) made me participate in the story. However, sometimes it’s kind of distracted, with the game, sounds, and the moving images.
Two of the digital novels succeed in keeping me concentrate on the stories. I like them both, although I did not feel much to the Flight Path, because the story isn’t too clear. I tried to understand what’s going on, but still unsure. Comparably, I can understand Inanimate Alice better. As I read the story, I felt she was in agitation, was frightened, scared and lonely.



~ by tsaijojo on February 4, 2011.

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