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After listening to the two podcasts, I found both of short form and long form have some similar ways of delivering the story, and made people who were listened involved in the conversation or story.
In each podcast, the music was important, it created the the atmosphere of the situation in the story, making me concentrate more on listening to the story. In the House On Loon Lake, as the story went on to the next, there is a pause ( music played in the back), it helped me to reorganize my feelings, to think of the points that the podcast wanted to deliver, and also be ready for the next part. The interaction between music and word can affect people’s mood, and make the podcast more interesting.
Also, the interaction between the people talking in the podcast also attracted my attention, listening to just one voice is tedious. Just like listening to other people’s conversation, sometimes you agree with a person’s talking, or disagree, it made me feel I’m involved  in the podcast too.
Among the two podcast, I like the the House On Loon Lake better, I feel the story is more complete, and actually had some thought after listening. There is a quote I like from the story: ” how well do you know people,  how many of them interested in know”. It’s just sad that people start to neglect other people, and just take care of themselves.
In the other one, I didn’t feel much. Each story is just okay, didn’t understand or thought about the topic much. Sometimes I feel the conversation of people in the act is noisy, and because they need to do 20 acts in 60 minutes, I feel it is quite rushed as  a lot of stories could stand to be more complete.



~ by tsaijojo on February 1, 2011.

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